The economy is down, and many people are out of work. Times seem to be depressing for many. However, there is a growing number of people who actually consider these excellent times. Good Times? Yes, these folks seize the opportunity when it opens up, and a down economy is actually not a wrong time to start your own business. For one, it is often the only way to generate some income at all because mortgage payments and credit card payments still need to be made and without a job… well, that question answers itself quickly.

However, starting a business in a bad economy is often cheaper compared to doing it in a good economy. There is also less competition, and the startup cost is lower, too. One negative thing to mention is that it might be required to start with lower product pricing to get the business off the ground, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It forces you to really look at each item and expense before opening for business.

One business type is what falls into the category described above: A house cleaning business

Starting a house cleaning business like house cleaning toronto is difficult if you dont have a inspiration about it. If you clean your own house or apartment, you most likely have many tools already. Some of these tools will be more than sufficient to get the job done in other people’s houses while other items need to be upgraded to industrial strength products. But overall, the amount of money to invest is moderate. Here are some quick tips to consider before starting:

1) What business form are you going to use? Keep liability in mind. Register an LLC if possible.

2) Decide what services you can cover easily. As an example, window cleaning is often more difficult and even dangerous, depending on where the windows are located. Keep things easy for the beginning and keep those items for expansion in your head for later on.

3) Do you feel comfortable working alone at a client’s house, or do you rather have someone with you? For one, 2 people doing a job get things done faster + it provides some additional security and safety.

4) Come up with competitive pricing

5) Acquire licenses and also get the accounting/bookkeeping in mind

6) How are you going to advertise your house cleaning business?

7) Identify your competitors

8) Create a geographical service area to minimize and optimize travel from one job to another

Your most significant startup expense for your house cleaning business will be marketing. Getting the company off the ground requires cleaning jobs, and so you will have to get creative to “attack” your competition. How is your advertising her services? What seems to be a weakness you can identify from that? The best way to advertise your house cleaning business is by word of mouth. Getting the word out about your business weighs double if you can receive verbal references and referrals. Start offering free cleaning jobs for some vital people you know. Who has the largest group of friends that you know of? Even more important – don’t “surround yourself with yourself” – your future customers are most likely people with income levels above what you or your friends are making. Find an entry to those people. As an example, if you know somebody who does yard work at other people’s places, get to see that person a little better and try to get a contact phone number. This method is a guerrilla marketing method, and you can find many twists and tweaks to optimize this method. Initially, it sounds difficult to do, but you really have to get away from what everyone does. It might take a notch longer to build up a customer base, but once you have a foot in the door, you are all set. Provide superior work ethic, and results and the word will spread faster than the wind.

Conclusion: This article can only scratch the surface on how to start your own house cleaning business on a shoestring, but it should point you in the right direction. Being creative in the way how you find customers is critical and will separate you from the competition.

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